2014 AACUHO StarNet/StarRez Conference - Melbourne

TJ Logan and Vinh Giang were both such informative and interesting speakers, really got alot out of their talks. What a way to end the conference with Vinh!

Best conference for a number of years. Well done by bringing it back to what AACUHO is for, and that is the general members that represent all.

The StarNet/StarRez team are always front and centre and provide fantastic support for us at our site as well as the industry as a whole at the conference! Their generosity with support doesn’t go unnoticed.

A BIG thanks to BIG AIR for the support.

Well done to the organisers of the conference, it's always informative and a vital ‘initiation’ for our new staff who gain so much industry knowledge in such a short space of time.

I feel like a tool rating my own sessions as "very valuable", but the reason I've done so is because I got SO MUCH out of the experience! Presenting gave people a reason to come up and talk to me, and from that I have gained many new ideas and opportunities to collaborate which I don't think I would have had otherwise. I really appreciate that the people who came to my sessions wanted to chat afterwards, or communicate via e-mail, and I'm really excited about working with them on a range of new projects. My experience as a presenter was much different than I imagined' .... 'I think sometimes people don't volunteer for this sort of thing because attending a conference is the one thing they get to do in the year for professional development, so they don't want to miss out on attending sessions in order to present. The reality, as I've learned, is that you can get so much out of presenting! - Ali Norton, La Trobe University

2014 AACUHO Scholarest International Study Tour

Tasmania study tour was a fantastic experience – not only did we meet some amazing staff at the residences that we visited along the way, enjoyed some superb meals and visited great places – Freycinet National Park, but most importantly I have made many lifetime friends.

Attending the conference back in Melbourne was a great opportunity to listen to some really experienced colleagues share their ideas and innovations. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend AACUHO go for it! - Alison Attenborough, UOW.

2013 AACUHO StarNet/StarRez Conference - Adelaide

Hard to choose one thing, the member papers this year were really interesting and there were some really thought-provoking topics and presentations.

The People. It was fantastic to be able to engage with so many professional people in the industry.

The concurrent sessions were fantastic. A good variety of topics catering to various aspect of our operations.

Networking opportunities, particularly for someone new to the industry. The passion and excitement in the room was evident - exciting times ahead.

Thanks to everyone who organised AACUHO 2013, it was a fantastic conference with lots of really interesting speakers.

Thank you Colin and your team! I've tried to give answers that are as honest as possible but these
may not give my overall feeling which was that I had a fantastic time, especially on the study tour, I
thought everything was really well organised, and can't wait for next year's conference.

Networking and meeting other professionals in this area and learning more about the different types
of accommodation out there. Been my first conference this was great.

2012 AACUHO Starnet/StarRez Conference - Wollongong

I loved every minute and hope I am able to experience another conference...
I really enjoyed the experience, and was so pleased to meet so many wonderful people...
Every day was another mind blowing day of information, I don't think there was a day I was bored...
Excellent. Had all the comforts of home (but the bed was bigger), the food was exceptional and the staff attentive and unobtrusive for all...
Congratulations to the conference organizers...